How to become a Salesforce Developer

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Salesforce invented salesforce CRM which revolutionized the technology industry. Earlier the customer relationship management industry was in less profit margin. With the coming of the salesforce platform, the CRM market increased their profit margin by 12 % every year.  With this rise, there was a demand of salesforce developers, salesforce consultants and salesforce administrators. So, if you are looking for a career change that provides you with immense job satisfaction, then going in the direction of being a salesforce professional is the best possible option.

Why consider a job in salesforce?

Most of the reputed business owners are in need of salesforce professionals that will make their business operations faster.  Apparently, there are looking for salesforce developers who have the skills to manage salesforce application that come out every week in the salesforce platform. So, if you want to become a salesforce developer, make sure that have good programming Knowledge of Java, Python and PHP. In addition, you should how to use the salesforce own programming languages like Visual force and Apex to create applications faster.  The next section will discuss some of the ways in which you could become a salesforce developer

Guide for being a salesforce developer

Method 1:  If you want to pursue being a salesforce developer. Then you should have a graduate degree in computer science. If you are not from IT background, then you should get in touch with institutions that provide complete learning course on software knowledge like model view controller design, object-oriented programming and .Net programming.

Method 2: If you are from a computer science background, then get yourself placed for an internship in a software development company as you complete your college. Work as a junior developer there and then move up in being a salesforce developer.

Method 3: You haven’t enrolled yourself in salesforce development program right out from college. Then try and take online training courses from professionals that have good knowledge of salesforce. Get a certification from these training courses as the salesforce developer. This will count a lot when you try to get a salesforce developer.

Skills that are required in being a salesforce developer

All the salesforce development services like sales cloud, marketing cloud, salesforce App exchange and salesforce lighting will require a certain set of skills. Meaning you would need skills like communication, analytical, interpersonal and problem-solving skills to deal with these services. So that you can use the above-mentioned salesforce development services effectively on the salesforce platform.

Why salesforce is the future

Forbes has listed salesforce as the top company for the past four years. In addition, they have also mentioned that due to them innovate platform; they will have the chance to remain in the top for the coming few years. Please note that salesforce has managed to create 2.2 million jobs in North America alone. So, going by this data, salesforce would create 6 million jobs at the end of 2022. This definitely indicates that salesforce professionals will be in constant demand from reputed companies that operate in this digital-driven era.

What will your future look like with salesforce?

While salesforce is touching every industry possible right now. let’s see how will your future will salesforce look like. Well for a start, you will get to work with a community that is incredibility talented. Salesforce professionals have confirmed for the fact that salesforce community is very welcoming and helpful. So, when you join Salesforce, you won’t feel out of place. In addition, salesforce professionals earn a lot of money. Recent studies have reported that an average salary for a Salesforce consultant is $70,000, whereas a salesforce developer earns around a salary between $115,800- 171,700.

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