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When I was first trying to decide where to go, the University of Minnesota topped my list. I already knew it held some prizes and titles for research and athletics, but once I met with the admissions counselors, I knew this was the place for me. Although I received several acceptance letters to colleges in the state, it was easy to land on this university. 

There are plenty of great opportunities awaiting anyone who joins our proud Gopher school. They offer diverse degree programs and classes, have some great athletics programs, and student life is inclusive and fun. Read on for more details about this great school.


First up, the University of Minnesota has some of the greatest degree programs. When I began my college search, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to major in. I’ve always been drawn to the world of medicine and treatment. I’m a huge animal lover though, so I considered medicine or veterinary school.

One reason why I chose this college is that I didn’t have to land on my major before attending. There are five different schooling programs here. Students can choose to study medicine, veterinary science, agriculture, engineering, or law. It’s one of only 5 schools in the country that offers all those programs in one institution.

We’re also one of the best schools for research. We rank 9th in the country for doing the most medical research. In fact, the University of Minnesota invented the pacemaker. The staff here helps support students’ ideas and curiosity so we can all move forward together. I’ve been able to act as a research assistant and help generate ideas, which has been fun and inspiring.

Our classes are also taught by great faculty members, professors, and teaching assistants. There’s a real sense of community on campus. It might be partly the fact we’re in Minnesota, but I think it’s mostly the culture that has been cultivated by staff. You can tell your professors and advisors really care about your success, which makes all the difference.

Sports and Fitness

I’ll admit that I didn’t care a lot for sports before attending the University of Minnesota. However, they have an extensive athletics program and some of the best sports teams in the state or country. Our football team, the Golden Gophers, is a big deal in college ball.

Our Gophers have made the school proud by winning seven national championships. We also have two talented hockey teams. Between our men’s team and our women’s team, we’ve collected 11 big titles. 

Although we’re known for inventing the pacemaker, we still know how to have fun. Did you know that the University of Minnesota was the first school to have cheerleaders? Back in the late 1900s, our school was in a rough patch. Some ladies had the idea to stand on the sidelines and cheer for our team, which was an unexpected but great morale booster. And thus was born the concept of cheerleading.

There are also plenty of other sports teams to join. The University of Minnesota offers basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, amateur wrestling, gymnastics, and soccer. As a student, you can use your ID to watch any of their events and home games. This doesn’t even touch on the club and intramural teams you can join.

Student Life

Student Life at the University of Minnesota is quite special. Like most freshman students, I lived on the main campus in the dormitories during my first year. I opted for a coed dorm where I made some great friends—even the food is good. 

Some of my classmates who knew what they wanted to do choice LLCs. That stands for Living Learning Communities, where you share a hall with people in your field. Your hall can attend special events and have easy access to study groups.

After my freshman year, I ended up getting involved in Greek life. We have some incredible fraternities and sororities where you can find a college family. My fraternity does a lot of service projects, and it’s also an awesome way to network with U.S. and international students.

Because we’re so well-known for our school of medicine, it’s no surprise that health is a big deal. We have access to counseling, treatment, and health care as students. There are also top-notch fitness facilities so you can work out alone or in group classes. I love to share my idea with my peers helping each other out with assignments and diligently checking each others works with tools like PapersOwl, science journals that we have access to and further reading provided by our professors. Overall, there’s a great feeling of community here. We share our dorms, our study habits, and even our cars to make sure everyone feels at home.

Join the Gophers

As you can see, there’s a lot to love about being a student at the University of Minnesota. From our incredible choices of degree programs, to our trophy-winning athletics department, there’s no limit to what you can do as a student. Of course, beyond that, it’s the students and faculty themselves that make this such an incredible school.

If it weren’t for the friends and mentors I’ve made along the way, I don’t know where I would be. I certainly wouldn’t have been inspired to become a researcher, join a fraternity of the best men I know, or become so passionate about fitness. I hope you’ll consider applying to the University of Minnesota—and I’ll see you when you get here. Go Gophers!

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