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Home to more than 30,000 undergraduate students when I was there in 2016, the University of Minnesota always topped my list of college options for having the best combination of my desired attributes. My bias may have had something to do with the fact that I am a Minnesotan, but there were other factors that made it virtually impossible to look beyond the 66th best university in the United States.

Urban location

Being the type of person who thrives in urban settings, I found the campus’s location in the middle of Minneapolis quite convenient. Everything was within reach, and moving from one place to another wasn’t much of a hassle. It even made it possible for me to enroll in a BSN program in another school within the city without facing commute struggles or compromising my class schedule at UMN.

Large student population

A relatively large student population size is another thing that stands out about the University of Minnesota. During my high school days, I used to think I would be better off in a small college with few students. The idea was to study in a place where I could know all students and, if possible, build personal relationships with each one of them.

It proved difficult finding a college with few students, offered my dream degree program, and had the quality of education I was looking for, so I took the bad with the good and chose the University of Minnesota. Two weeks in, I realized just how much fun it was to not bump into the same, familiar faces every morning. Being part of a population of more than 50,000 graduates and undergraduates made it a lot easier for me to find like-minded people and expand my friend network.


Another reason I chose the University of Minnesota is that the institution and the surroundings provide variety for almost everything – from food to friends through to learning resources and housing. Most smaller colleges have one dining hall, one library, and limited sports facilities. You don’t have to worry about that with the University of Minnesota. There are dozens of coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment joints, libraries, fields, and other sports facilities (both in and outside the school) that save you from a monotonous daily routine.

Minnesota Nice

Minnesota Nice is a term used to refer to the state’s residents’ stereotypical tendency to be friendly, polite, and courteous toward friends and strangers in equal measure. Being a Minnesota resident who’s been to other states and countries, I’ve always known that MN Nice is more than just a stereotype. It is a defining Minnesotan culture that I luckily got to experience from a front-row seat at the University of Minnesota.

The list of things that make the University of Minnesota remarkable is endless. There are lots of positives to unearth, depending on your nature and preferences. The one thing you can be sure of is that you won’t be forfeiting your academic standards to enjoy these advantages, as the university has some of the best professors and learning facilities in the United States.

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