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Studying is a very interesting process that takes up most of your time and attention. In addition, training forms a further life path, professional activity, and affects the quality of life itself in the future. Therefore, it is very important to study exactly where it is comfortable and where you can get the necessary professional training. I want to tell you about my experience of studying at the University of Minnesota, about all the positive moments and difficulties, so that you know what to expect from studying here.

To Begin with...

Going to university is one of the most important steps in the life of young people. At this stage, there is no right to make mistakes and you need to take a responsible approach to the choice because your future life and career directly depend on this. Why? Forget about your school friends, not everyone manages to maintain a friendship with them, but if you succeed, then you are lucky! But as for friends from the university, in this case, most often the opposite is true. If you have chosen your favorite profession, then it is in the university that you will be able to find your like-minded people who will support you for many years to come.

What Faculty Did I Study at?

I studied at the International Finance program. As part of the program, I studied disciplines such as stock valuation, mergers and acquisitions, international banking, and financial markets, but students are offered other courses for almost every taste and interest. The greatest practical skills were acquired due to the fact that for each discipline it was supposed to prepare work in a group or individually, which was based on real financial aspects. For example, it was necessary to evaluate a real M&A deal, calculate the value of the shares of an actual company, prepare an essay based on a wide range of literature, which is very different from the European approach to term papers. These works accounted for about 30-40% of the final grade for the course, the rest had to be earned on the exam. I must admit, sometimes the tasks were more than difficult and I turned to the essays for sale services. I have always been pleased with the quality of its service.

Why Did I Choose this University?

I chose this university because I knew that here I would get a decent education. Here for me, there were many opportunities for self-realization and self-development. The department has a very strong teaching staff! I was sure, throughout the training, that these people know their business and that I can learn a lot from them. After graduating from university, I got a stable, well-paid job and employers appreciated my degree from the University of Minnesota. But it's not just about work and knowledge! At my university, I constantly got opportunities to develop not only my mind but also my soul. I was surrounded by creative people, communicating with them, I grew up and became a more worthy representative of modern society.

What Documents are Required for Admission?

The package of documents is approximately the same as for other American universities. I studied this issue in detail: you need to fill out an application on the university website, send your resume, motivation letter, merit and hobby documents, and a certificate of completed secondary education to the mail indicated on the website. I have attached all the certificates to the documents, and for sporting achievements as well. The motivation letter had to tell why I should be admitted to the Financial Faculty of this university. The more you persuade, the fewer competitors you have. I started to draw up documents long before the start of the school year. Yet again! The earlier the better.

How is University Education Structured?

In your first year, you don't have to choose a program. You can study anything and decide for the second year. Personally, in my first year, I studied economics and philosophy. Further, when you decide on your program, you yourself find on the site a list of subjects that you need to take. About 35-60% of the subjects are compulsory, and the rest you choose yourself, depending on the program. Thus, many students study for 5 years, as they change programs. There is a student exchange program in almost all faculties.

Scheduled internships such as coop are only possible for some programs (engineering, IT, etc.). It was not possible for my program to study for one semester and work another. However, you can easily find jobs and internships on your own for the summer or part-time while studying.

Summing up

My university studies were wonderful. The University of Minnesota is a great choice for getting a good education, self-development, and enjoyment of learning. So, drop all doubts and go to the University of Minnesota, you will not regret it!

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