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When it comes to investing in growth stocks, it goes without saying that there are always ebbs and flows that determine how the share pool works at any given time. This is the way of the landscape of investing, and shares are always one of the highest performing delivery points within the industry. 

It all sounds so great, and it can be deceptively easy to jump on board with the shares train without taking the time to understand which investments are genuinely worth the time and which are better left untouched.

Most shares are a game of win or lose, depending entirely on the player and the timing of the market. Others are powerful investment opportunities now just now, but heading into the future because of their sheer relevance. 

Take the current trajectory of the modern world right now and our priorities, for instance, and liken those facts and priorities to shares that have a place not just in the world as it currently exists, but in the future. A great example of one of the strongest performing companies right now are none other than Tesla. 

The current stats on Tesla shares

The EOM numbers (from November 28th to December 7th) for Tesla shares were a fantastic show of how temporary weakness can be showcased as probable strength. While not one of the strongest EOM periods, Tesla shares are continuing to rise, despite a less-than-ideal world reveal of the new Cybertruck (a reveal that caused Tesla shares to drop momentarily before beginning to rise again). Now, Tesla stock is expected to even out the decade by rising to the high $300-$350 area by the end of this calendar month.

Why Tesla shares are best to boost your income

The nature of shares is that they are best utilised as long-term investments. What this means, is that shares that are kept over time have a much higher probability of becoming more and more valuable over time. 

Tesla is one of the best shares right now to boost your long-term income because of the way that our society is moving (i.e. towards sustainable alternatives to current movements that are less than healthy). The perfect share to bet on not only your income, but your future and the future of your loved ones, Tesla is a share for the world to come, and a share that is already proving its value time and again (essentially a win-win).

Tesla shares going into the new decade and what to expect 

There are certain shares and stocks that are strong growth drivers, just as there are specific shares and stocks that are out of their depth. Time and again, Tesla has proven to be one of the best driving fields of share investment around the globe. 

A word of caution, though: the Minnesota government has advised that many stocks which look attractive on paper are actually not great investments, particularly for seniors. Don’t think that every opportunity that comes your way will “be the next Tesla!”

That said, as we head into a new decade, we can expect Tesla share prices to continue rising in value as the world continues to pivot definitively towards a more sustainable future in just about every way. 

Of course, the share price will rise and fall (as is the case with any share) but overall Tesla is widely expected to be a strong performing share opportunity heading into 2020.

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