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Your university years are a pretty important part of your life. For many, it’s a sort of a first dip into what an independent life is. At least that’s what it has been for me. It’s been a very stressful couple of years. But looking back at all that, it is now clear that it really wasn’t as hard as it seemed in the moment. When all is said and done, all that remains are fond memories.

The choice of university is a pretty stressful thing for a lot of future students. And while I can’t write a big analysis to compare universities across the board, what I can do is tell you what it was like going into UoM from the perspective of a first-timer. And maybe you’ll be able to get some useful information out of it. So, here is how my first two years at the University of Minnesota went.

First Steps

The first thing that hits you in any university or college is the amount of work that you get right from the onset. Once you get on - you’ll not be able to completely forget about all of the assignments until you get your degree.

I was going for electrical engineering and dealing with the workload was quite a chore. It took some time to adapt to that tempo. Until then, online essay writing services like Essay Pro helped me keep afloat. There were students that had it worse and students that had it better. But at the end of the day, you have to prepare for challenges way more intense than those you faced in high school.

If you don’t have enough discipline to take care of your assignments in time - you’ll definitely develop it by the time you graduate. But don’t worry - there are plenty of other things that will help you have a great time instead of constantly stressing out about your deadlines. One of those is the connections you make along the way.

New Friends

I’m not a very social person. But it took no time for me to eventually make some friends. The hardships of studying have brought us together. Very soon I had a couple of good friends I could talk to and hang out with. It made a world of difference considering I was far from home. So even if you are really introverted - you are almost guaranteed to become a part of a group anyways.

And since it is likely to become a major part of your experience - do try to go out there and meet new people. The one regret I have so far is that I haven’t been that active in my first year. There are plenty of ways to socialize in UoM:

  • Clubs;
  • Student social events;
  • Fraternities/sororities.

You are on an even playing field with other freshmen. They too may feel anxious about this new environment they find themselves in. Reach out and you’ll get a response 100% of the time.

The Little Things

The social aspect is by far the biggest thing that will affect your time at UoM. But there are plenty of little things that also add a lot to your experience. Like some of the teachers, places of interest in the city itself, and, of course, student housing. Most freshmen live on-campus. Which is very nice if you are not a local. The living conditions are very decent and the surrounding neighborhoods are amazing.

Eventually, you’ll want to upgrade to off-campus living. But until you gather the resources to take that step - you’ll get everything you need on-campus. Just prepare yourself morally if you are the only child in the family. Switching from that sort of lifestyle to sharing a room can be quite a shock. A lot hangs on your ability to get on good terms with your roommate.

Final Words

Now that I’m almost at the end of my journey in UoM, I almost wish I could start all over again. Even the lowest of points now seem totally worth it. If you are having your doubts about whether or not you should try and get into University of Minnesota - I say absolutely go for it. It’s one of the biggest universities in the state and it can offer you a lot of different options regardless of what it is you want to study.

It’s a very solid choice from a purely practical viewpoint. But the selection of degrees is not what makes it great. It’s all that’s in between - the community, the atmosphere, the events. There are plenty of little things that will help you feel almost at home. I can’t really tell whether other universities have it better or worse - but I really liked what I saw throughout my years in UoM so far.

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