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Thinking about going to the University of Minnesota? Want to know what the place has to offer and what makes it a great option? We are here to help!  Let’s see why studying at U of M, as the locals call it, will be adventurous and beneficial for you.

University of Minnesota – Location

The University of MinnesotaLinks to an external site. is a public research university located in the Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. At the U of M, you will gain knowledge that will help you make your life, and the lives of those around you, better. It is one of the most prestigious research universities in the United States.

It was founded in 1851 on the banks of the Mississippi River. The University is one of the 5 universities in the States with a medical school, an engineering school, a law school, an agricultural school, and a veterinary medicine school all on one campus.

Quality of Education at the University of Minnesota

With faculty consisting of world-renowned professors, you will be learning from the very best in their fields and they will help you carve out the perfect path for your future. With plenty of research opportunities, you will be able to look beyond the same old textbooks and come one step closer to solving the world’s grand challenges.

With over 140 majors to choose from, you have plenty of options that will cater to all your interests. Be it Physics or be it Political Science, with thousands of courses at hand, you will be able to study what you like and love!

With several prestigious Alumni from US Vice Presidents, members of Congress, Governors for states, to founders of various competitive organizations, you will be joining the ranks of the distinguished and the worthy.

Opportunities at U of M

With technology-rich classrooms, you will be second to none and will be prepared for anything that the world throws at you. There are plenty of opportunities for you to learn. If it is student groups that you are looking for, then you will no shortage of those here,

From Anthropology Club, Skydiving Club to the magical Quidditch Team, there is something for everyone with over 900+ clubs and student groups. You can connect with professionals, meet your peers, get top-notch advice from professional tutors like PapersOwlLinks to an external site. and have fun while trying out exciting new things.

With various grants and scholarships, you can even go abroad for research, internships, or work. With the Freshman seminar Abroad, you can start right away! The professors are really friendly, and you can get all the help you need on your assignments, dissertations, thesis, etc. You can also use online resources to make sure that you get good marks and land the scholarships that you have your eye on!

There are several merit-based scholarships, thus, you don’t have to worry about money hindering your education!

Amazing Campus Life

The years you spend at college are the most memorable ones of your life as you learn, meet friends, and create memories for yourself, all the while creating a path for your future. The University of Minnesota has an amazing campus and most of the freshmen prefer to live on campus.

You would like the fact you are just a short walk from libraries, concerts, stadiums, restaurants, and classes. Living with students that share academic, social, or cultural interests is a great thing about staying on campus while studying at the University of Minnesota.

With the help of the U-Pass, you can travel around the Twin Cities at very discounted rates!

Student Diversity

Another great thing about studying at U of M is its multicultural campus that ensures that you will be ready to live in a global society. With students from different religions, races, economic backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, geographic origins, and beliefs, you will meet people from every walk of life here.

The MCAE – Multi-Cultural Center for Academic ExcellenceLinks to an external site. - is a campus-wide resource that promotes an inclusive atmosphere on the campus. In collaboration with the ethnic studies departments and the ethnic student cultural associations, MCAE offers various workshops and holds various events such as:

  •         Black History Month
  •         Women's History Month
  •         Asian Pacific American Heritage month
  •         Hispanic Heritage Month
  •         Native American Heritage Month

With 13 Multicultural sororities and fraternities and 9 student-run cultural centers, you will not only meet culturally diverse people, but you will also never feel left out and alone.

Explore Minnesota

With its beautiful city buildings, parks, countless bridges, and exotic parks, Minneapolis is an alluring city. At U of M, you will not have a perfect college student life, but you will also get a taste of the beautiful city that Minneapolis is.

If you need a break from the hard routine of school and studies, you can simply go to the city and lose yourself in its vibrant colors!

On the West Bank side of the Washington Avenue Bridge is the “shoe tree”. With hundreds of shoes thrown over its branches, it is a way for the students to leave their mark on the campus that has blessed them with so many unique and wonderful memories and have the best moments.

Final Word

The transition from high school to college can be pretty hard for plenty of people. From living with your family to living alone, it is very easy to go off the rails and lose sight of your goals and ambitions. However, the University of Minnesota has a student-friendly environment that ensures that you have the best of both lives – educational as well as social.

With mandatory transition classes for the freshmen to weekly check-ins, you can rest assured that you will be giving the best to your education. And with plenty of opportunities for social interaction, you will be having a great time meeting new people and curating new memories.

Here’s to your brighter tomorrow!

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