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Whether you are currently seeking to transfer colleges or you are examining a new school, there are so many factors that play into your final decision. From financial aid opportunities to scholarships, degree programs to extracurricular activities, it is important that students find a school that suits their interests and lifestyle habits. At the University of Minnesota, there are options available for students with every interest and skill set. In this article, we will share why UMN is the right school for you.

1. Flexible Learning Opportunities

Some schools have rigid schedules and few course offerings. With constricted options, it is difficult to accommodate individuals who do not live on campus. In addition, it can be hard to engage people who have to maintain a full-time or part-time job alongside their schooling. At UMN, there are many options for learning. Students can choose whether they want to take an in-person approach, hybrid approach, or fully online approach to their education. With an in-person schedule, people can travel around campus and attend classes as normal. With a hybrid approach, some courses are online while others are located in a physical classroom. With the fully remote option, students have the opportunity to listen to lectures through the online course management system or through iTunes.

There are 17 different degree programs that are offered online. In addition, there are virtual master’s, doctorate, and post-baccalaureate degrees available. Due to these extensive offerings, UMN is able to accommodate a variety of different students from across the globe. Some of the most competitive online courses include:

  • Accounting
  • Management 
  • Communications

If you are interested in learning with a flexible scheduling, consider the options available at UMN. 

2. Diverse Degree Programs

At UMN, students can choose between a variety of different degree programs. This world-class center offers over 150 majors to students. Due to the robust educational program, students are able to pursue degrees in any career field from liberal arts to engineering. Out of the 150 majors, 17 are available in a fully virtual environment. These degrees range from accounting to communications. This school attracts students from across the globe for the diverse opportunities that it offers.

3. Opportunities For Exploration

Since UMN has multiple world-renowned programs, the university is able to offer a wide array of extracurricular and learning opportunities. If you are interested in expanding your cultural perspective, UMN has access to study abroad programs in over 80 countries. If you are planning to spend time on campus, there are many club sports, intramural leagues, and campus clubs that can be joined. If you are planning to attend courses online, the university creates opportunities for remote students to build community.

Some educational clubs and forums are held digitally so that people can engage from the comfort of their homes. In addition, there are webinars and video conferences that can be attended. Many professors are willing to schedule video calls to talk to students further about the subject at hand. From this active engagement, students can develop community and build friendships no matter where they are located. 


UMN offers an amazing college experience to students across the globe. Whether you are interested in international language or chemical engineering, this university has appropriate programs. If you are hoping to increase your flexibility by completing a fully remote degree program, this university has a wide variety of offerings for you to choose from. 

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