Step by Step Guide of Writing A Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and contrast essay helps in evaluating the differences and similarities between the two objects. These objects can be of the same category but should be different in nature. These can be two different types of pets or books. However you can also take help from best essay writing service online regarding it.

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This type of essay requires the writer a follow a specific outline discussed below:

  1.       Choosing the Objects

Two main important points should be kept in mind while choosing the objects.

  • They should be of the same category
  • However, should be different in nature
  1.       Identify Similarities and Differences

Compare the two objects with the help of a Venn diagram. Draw two overlapping circles one for each object. Note down the differences in the separate circles.

  1.       Suitable Organizational Structure

Choose a suitable organizational structure that suits your main argument. Furthermore, it is better to write about one object at a single time and then move to the second one.

  1.       Use Transition Words

Use transition words to create a flow in your body paragraphs. Words like nonetheless, both, likewise, similarly, and on the other hand, are some strong transition words.

  1.       Essay Outline

It is better to plan the essay before writing it. Therefore, creating a well-structured outline is the best way. The usual format of this essay type includes an introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion.


  • Introduction


Choose an impressive topic and draft an essay title. The next step is to write an introductory paragraph that would include all the important points you want to discuss in your essay. Try to write them in a logical manner.

Moreover, composing a thesis statement of 1-2 sentences. It should state the main argument and purpose of your essay.

  • Body Paragraphs

There are usually three to five body paragraphs in an essay. though sometimes, comparing and contrast may double the number of paragraphs.

Make sure to follow your professor’s instructions during this part. Similarly. a writer can also present his personal opinions in the body by giving solid evidence to support them.


  • Conclusion

The concluding paragraph summarizes all the information in your essay. Restate the main arguments by using transition words. Avoid adding any new information that may leave an open-ended question in the reader’s mind. Lastly, create a smooth connection between a body paragraph and a conclusion.

  1.       Proofreading

Revise and proofread your essay after writing it. However, do not read it immediately. Take an hour or at least a day to identify more grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Moreover, you can also ask your friends or family to help you with this. Make changes according to the suggestions.

Approaches to Compare and Contrast Essay

There are two different approaches to writing this type of essay. These are:


  • The Alternating Method

It is a point by point method. Here, a writer can discuss all the relevant information about both the objects. Similarly, he can also present an idea regarding the first object and then relate it to the second object.

  • The Block Method

It is a subject by a subject technique where a writer can present his ideas related to one object. Similarly, he then also presents his ideas for the second object.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topic Ideas

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The selection of the essay’s topic is one of the most crucial tasks. Select the area that may interest you. Avoid choosing a too broad or narrow topic.

Here, we made a list of some topics for you to choose from.

  • Working at home vs. working at the office. Which one is better?
  • Traditional education vs. online education
  • What are the differences between McDonald's and KFC?
  • Obama or Trump. Which one was better?
  • Shakespeare's Othello contrast to Hamlet
  • Physical or mental stress?
  • How is argumentative and persuasive essay different?
  • How masters and Ph.D. are different?
  • Compare Android vs. iPhone
  • App store vs. Play store: Which one to choose?
  • What are the differences and similarities between culture and modernism?
  • Difference between World War I and World War II
  • Adverse effects of both coffee and tea
  • Living in-home vs. living in a flat
  • Reading and writing: Benefits of both
  • Greek and Roman Culture: Differences and Similarities
  • Compare both the Academic Writing and Scientific Writing
  • Compare thriller and horror movies
  • Earthquakes or Tsunami: Which one is more dangerous?
  • Similarities and differences between sun and moon
  • Desktop computers or tablets
  • Modern life versus Stone Age
  • Differences and Similarities between European and American literature

Finding impressive compare and contrast essay topics along with writing an essay on it is quite a challenging task. However, getting professional assistance from write essay for me service can help you with your writing tasks. There are many online companies providing such services at affordable rates. They also guarantee you timely delivery and excellent quality.

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