Fresh Topics for Process Essay to Pick in 2020

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Find Out How to Formulate Process Essay Topics for College and Achieve Great Results!

The first move in choosing a good topic for a process essay is to find a procedure that you understand better than other students in your class. For example, you are exceptionally good at using a certain computer program, resolving conflicts, or creating architectural models. All of those qualities can be turned into concepts for a project.

Otherwise, uncommon topics for process essays can also be considered. Some suggestions include how you can travel all over the world without spending anything or how you can get someone else to complete your homework.

You should then draw up a list of steps needed to achieve the aims of the task after deciding on the process you would like to describe in your text. Finally, define each step to create a process paper essay. Make sure you interpret each process carefully and cautiously to capture your reader's attention.

Choosing a theme to write about among some activities that you are expert in is a good place to start your work. You've probably read a lot and thought a lot in your academic career. Think about one of those items you wrote about, particularly one that you found the most interesting. You can also submit a "How To" or "How Not To" article paper. In this field, there are some subjects to choose from.

Find the "How To" article examples in the list below:

  • How to avoid getting sick in winter 
  • How to become a millionaire at 30 
  • How to change your career path 
  • How to throw a good dinner party 
  • How to create computer software
  • How to achieve a degree in literature 
  • How to run a successful cafeteria
  • How to spend holidays to remember them forever
  • How not to become a fraud victim
  • How not to waste time
  • How not to argue with old parents 
  • How to ride a horse
  • How to acquire work experience as a doctor
  • How to be a professional writer 
  • How to make your hobby a job
  • How to join a team
  • How to become baseball's best pitcher
  • How to fire three hoops points
  • How to crumble a good apple
  • How to buy a new home 
  • How to make work buddies

Essential Steps

The type of process analysis essays generally follows a common structure of five paragraphs with some variations defined by the topic.

First Words

You should define your process in the first sentences of your article. Explain how crucial your guide is but try not to dwell on unnecessary information. You don't have to dive into a background or provide any historical facts.

Materials and/or Supplies

This paragraph is not an essential step, please note that fact. You may need it for specific topics in which such knowledge is relevant. Inform your readers on any stuff they should get to follow your steps provided in the text.

Sometimes you may discuss specific products that are unusual or cannot be bought in a given area. You need to remind your readers of this in such a situation. Any risk or side effects associated with this process is also should be mentioned to your audience. You need to alert the followers before they choose to repeat the process so they realize that something can go wrong.

Process Outline

Describe every stage of the process in sequential order. All of your instructions must be clear and comprehensive enough to prevent your readers' confusion. We recommend splitting each step into several sections when you define a phase that is too complicated. Don't overuse transitional words as they make it hard to decipher the text.

We recommend starting with an overview of your article. There are no specific rules to plan for the composition; only mention the stages of the process. Organize every move in a logical sequence and choose the layout of your essay. Process analyzes require essentially the same configuration as other essay studies (introduction, body, conclusion).

The only distinction in the body of an article – it is not based on arguments and evidence. You do not need to dig for certain details because your argument is just a clear process summary. You will also need to compare a few steps of the process to make a decent sequence.


Describe the nature and intent of the project briefly. Explain why it is worth learning. Describe results your readers can get if they do everything correctly.


Describe the whole process in paragraphs. In a separate paragraph, describe each step of the process. Use transitional sentences between paragraphs. Use a descriptive style of writing.


Summarize all your listed steps. Do not duplicate the instructions. Underline the main stages. Describe the outcome. 

Your job does not consist of just writing a simple description. While choosing a style of the text, you must be careful. Be concise and neutral to sound like an expert or a coach. If you have a chance to choose a topic, make the best of it. That means you've got an opportunity to write about something familiar. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to learn something new if your teacher assigns you a subject.

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