Buying Instagram Followers Is A Common Trend These Days

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Companies dealing with the sale of instant likes and following have been in existence with the advent of the social media.  It was assumed that these companies would phase out as social network technologies became sophisticated and recognize accounts with fake popularity, However, that did not happen and the industry has thrived with fake following.

So, can a business benefit from buying of fake Instagram followersLinks to an external site.?  Are all the followers bought similar, what will be the repercussions on the different sites for boosting your account in this manner?  Well! Below are at the answers for the following questions.

What am I buying

 It is critical you gain an understanding on what it is you will be purchasing buy paying for followers. In most cases, the aim is to increase the number of followers that reflect in your account bio. The number will appear to be higher but that will be the only benefit attained as the accounts will not be associated with real consumers.

The basic level – Bargain basement followers

The companies dealing with selling of follows are anchored around “Click farms”. They are regions of world with cheap labor where hundreds of individuals are hired to set up fake accounts continuously. These accounts will vary based on the input of creating them. They will contain an avatar with some account bio and few posts.

After paying for the number of followers desired, the company supplying will follow your profile and with the agreed number of accounts bought. You will not be required to share your password for this to happen. Below are the advantages and disadvantage of this approach.


  • The accounts will constantly follow you as they are not owned by real individuals
  • They will create an illusion that makes your account to look popular that it really is.


  • For those who bother to review an account profile will be able to know an account with fake followers.
  • Despite from the increased number of users, the accounts appear fake based on their fake profile and unmeaningful posts.
  • Below is an example of a fake Instagram account


Followers for hire:

Another popular method used by those expensive instagram likesLinks to an external site. is by persuading real users to follow your account.  This is done by them paying real users or using other incentives such as directory site or credits.


  • Since they are real social media users, there is a chance they may engage your profile and check out your products and services and choose what works for them.
  • They will appear as real followers organically acquired by those checking the account.


As the incentive was for the initial following, these type of accounts may unfollow as time goes as they delete content from timelines of know interest to them . Coara digital products.

Despite the decision you choose for your company or personal profile you will have to contend with the idea of mixing your real users with fake ones . At this stage it will be difficult to revert . Retail CRM CloudLinks to an external site. to improve customer Loyalty and experience. 

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