Everything You Need to know about Discord

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Discord is one of the most common ways gamers interact online while playing games. Discord lets friends connect directly via voice, video, or text and join servers where they can interact with larger communities. Initially created to talk to other gamers while playing, Discord has now become a place for anyone to explore their interests in subject-specific groups.

These groups are called Servers. In this blog, we will resolve all of your doubts related to Discord. So read this complete blog to know more.

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What are servers on Discord?

Servers are communities based groups. These are generally specified on one topic. Some servers are open to the public while some servers require an invitation. Servers are further divided into text channels and voice channels.


There are some bots (computer programs imitating human interaction) too in many channels that automatically control, welcome, and manage the people joining in. 

To join a discord server you need an invitation or find the channel on social media. There are certain websites too on which you can find discord servers easily using certain tags.

Is Discord safe?

With the proper privacy settings and, Discord can be used safely. But, when it comes to sites and apps with public chats, you need to be cautious. 

The best way to use Discord safely is to only accept requests from friends and communicate with people you already know.

Some Features of Discord

  • You can group the specific channel categories when building servers. On the left line, servers and channels are visible. 
  • To the right appears the list of server members. 
  • You can add friends and texts, check servers, and see if you've been added in a server at the top (or at the bottom on the android or IOS mobile).
  • It also provides a feature of TTS which is much helpful for specially visually impaired people. If you want to know how to use text to speech on Discord? then this article can help you out.
  • Up to 100 servers can be joined by a single person, and you can easily customize the notification settings for each and every server.
  • You can even choose a different nickname for every server that you join. 
  • You can also invite friends from another server which you have joined already.
  • Also, you don’t need servers to chat privately with your friends.
  • A single server can have up to 250,000 users.
  • The server owner can contact Discord support for more server space to prevent link errors when more than 25,000 users are online simultaneously.
  •  For the discord server,  the maximum number of channels allowed is 500.

Does Discord Cost Money?

Discord is free to download on Android and IOS devices. However, Discord also offers premium features with memberships available at affordable costs, This membership is known as Discord Nitro. Discord Nitro Classic costs you around $4.99/month.

Can you share images or videos on Discord? 

The answer is Yes! Because on Discord, you can send and receive pictures, videos, and GIFs in either text channels or direct messages. It has voice channels that are just for audio like phone calls. Discord also allows direct-message video chat and screen sharing.

Is Discord just for gaming content? 

The answer is No! Because You don't need to play video games to use the app or even discuss them. On Discord, there's are tonnes of servers. These include gaming, music, anime, and memes.

Friends and Families can also use the app to communicate directly with each other, just like we do on WhatsApp, Skype, or any other messaging service.


To conclude we can say that Discord is one of the best user-friendly apps. It has interactive UI and can be used for various purposes. It is quite safe and depends on the user how they use it. Discord has some features like screen sharing and servers which can have thousands of members. It gives an upper edge as compared to Whatsapp or Messenger. It will be interesting as well as exciting to see future updates as the Discord community rises.

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