What is a Perfect line sheet example

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What is a Perfect line sheet example

Once your diversification level has been set, you are now left with selling those articles to your potential customers and most probably the most convinced one. This surely makes your sales targets more of a fixed achievement or a piece of cake that you should never be worried about!

Selling a single product could be completely different theorem to selling a whole list of products. Of course, it requires premium expertise abilities and an outrageous approach. A more diversified product line requires a multiplex sales pitch. A perfect line sheet can revolutionize your business and can boost your sales appreciably. Right below you will uncover some of the heavenly ideas that are going to unleash your incredible business success in one go!

If your product lines are not so diverse, just for a couple of different designs, colours or even sizes you have to have more information to be made available at your consumers end to meet ample sales targets. While in the catalogue we all know detailed information with astounding designs is being presented about the product lines.

This is the point where the concept of Line sheet arises. In the line sheet, data is represented in the form of a table more like a bare-bone style accompanied with some very basic product description and some stand-out photos. 

So, without further wasting any time let’s start having detailed knowledge about Line sheet examplesLinks to an external site..

What Line sheets are produced for?


The concept of Line sheet came from the fashion industry. But in the modern era, this concept of line sheet has encompassed almost every product-oriented wholesale business. Electronic device manufacturers to furniture designers almost everyone is implicating this Line sheet criterion to have better business experience and avoid the hustle.

Where millions of retailers are out there to know about a particular product is being available in a certain size, colour or design or not? To address such queries, wholesalers have come up with the concept of line sheet and it has eliminated all such enquires of retailers in one go. 

Why Line Sheets are so important?


Creating a line sheet is not rocket science and honestly speaking you can do it in one go without paying a hefty fee to the expensive Graphic designers out there who create attractive, vibrant and eye-catching line sheets. Or all you can simply do is use a text editor or Microsoft Word or Excel to create your custom line sheet. 

The only difficulty with both these approaches is that these are time-consuming and employment-intensive jobs. While using a simplified yet professional Line sheet maker Template can streamline the process quite effectively. So what are you waiting for? 

Simply go to your web browser and just type Now In-Store or BrandBoom to create one for your own. FREE!!


What Line Sheet is?


A document illustrating the list of products presented for sales in the cleanest and well-organized manner is a Line Sheet. It is probably very much similar to a catalogue but doesn’t get confused. As the only basic difference between the two is the alignment of the products. 

In the line sheet, data is represented in the form of a table more like a bare-bone style accompanied with some very basic product description and some stand-out photos. While in the catalogue we all know detailed information with astounding designs is being presented about the product lines. 

Features of a Perfect Line sheet:


There are 7 key elements that best describe an Interesting Line sheet. You need to have a look at these:


  • Logo of the company:


First and foremost is the logo of the company. It ought to be perfectly positioned on the top right corner of the line sheet. It needs to be coloured and make it easy-to-understand for better brand recognition.


  • Contact details of the company:


Just right next to the logo or even below it, add contact details. That should be the name of the person to be contacted, telephone number, street address, P.O. Box No., email address and last but not the least, website address.


  • Coloured Photographs:


After that, there come the photographs. Please make sure that all photos are being coloured, portray your product in the best way possible and are the same size should be adopted for uniformity.

Background of the photos should be neutral or white, edited professionally probably by an expert graphic designer and most importantly, HD shots!!


  • Details of the Product:


Now the most essential part is here. You need to showcase all of your product details more neatly and accurately.

Refund Policies and Terms of Payment:

How would you set your payment terms and refund policies? This should be next on your line sheet. 

Are you offering 15-day payment window or you would go with upfront payment mode? 

When refund can be claimed? What is your cancellation policy? What if their order got damaged during transit? All these questions should be catered in your line sheet guidelines.


  • Details of Shipment:


Shipping details need to be next on your line sheet document. Expected timelines and any information about your preferred shipping partners should be indicated on the line sheet page. Moreover, carriage-paid shipping timelines should be included, which indicates when you have covered your shipping costs if the package is of certain dollar values.


  • Any Exclusive Offers:



Finally, the most significant element, are you giving any special offers to the retailers? Like you may include a non-compete obligation for your retailers. This can significantly boost their trust level in you! And believe me, this is all that you need for a successful business. 

Now, as you are well-informed about all of the essential features of an ultimate Line sheet. Let’s have a look at what we need to avoid as well. 




This definitely can reduce the workload on businesses for creating a state of the art line sheets in no time and of course, these templates allow wholesalers to swipe products in and out of their line sheets as a fun activity.

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