eCommerce: The Importance of Having Your Own Platform

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You are the owner of a company that has decided to make the leap to electronic commerce and you are looking for a platform that allows you to offer your products to your target market. In the market, you can find a large number of platforms that offer eCommerce services. Due to time and cost, you decide to start with one of these platforms that offer you the possibility of quickly “uploading” your catalog and entering the digital market as soon as possible.

These platforms may seem like a good option, as far as time is concerned, after all, the speed at which the digital world moves can be dizzying. However, these can bring negative results later.

More and more companies offer eCommerce solutions, which facilitate the creation of an online product catalog for your potential customers to find and consume. However, it will always be much more advisable to have your own e-commerce platform, where your company is the one that sets the guidelines to follow. Being at the mercy of third-party platforms can result in problems for your business, especially when it is consolidating in the digital sphere. We understand that making the leap to eCommerce can be a bewildering experience, especially if your company has only been dedicated to traditional commerce.

Disadvantages of third-party platforms

That is what happened to users of one of the most famous e-commerce platforms. Users found that the platform was "withholding" the sales transfers made by this means overnight.

When a customer makes a purchase through this platform, the seller must request that the amount of the item sold be transferred. Such a transfer could take up to 10 days. This is one of the main disadvantages of having an online store through a third-party service.

Later modifications to its conditions of service made this period extend to 30 calendar days. Yet another change extended payments up to 90 calendar days. Imagine making sales for thousands of pesos and that these are not available to you at the time the buyer makes the payment. 

Importance of having your own eCommerce platform

This is just one of the most important reasons to have your own eCommerce platform. It is true that when starting a business it can be tempting to decide on an option that allows you to have your product catalog as soon as possible, but this can backfire.

One option is to use these services as our online business takes hold and gains momentum. Once we achieve the proposed sales or growth objective, it will be of the utmost importance to start looking for options that allow us to control all the details of our eCommerce and especially the most important element: payments and purchases.

Another disadvantage that is incurred when using these services is that stores normally have a default template that applies to all users. This results in a clear disadvantage compared to the competition. One of the most important points when setting up your online store is differentiation.

Your eCommerce platform must be unmistakable, it must have the attributes of your company or brand in its design. How will we differentiate ourselves from a competitor if our “ look and feel ” is the same as hundreds of other businesses that use the same platform?

In short, having your own e-commerce platform is the option that in the long term will be most beneficial for your company.

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