How To Handle 500 Words Essay

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Essay writing sometimes becomes such an arduous task for the students because of so many problems, it's just like a nerve-racking experience which a student has to go through otherwise he would not be able to get through their exams with flying colors. Some students just keep on searching pertinent stuff for their essays while some face word limit or time problems.

Have you given in a single thought that why the students face so many problems? Let us have a look at the causes of such problems.

The first thing is the homework before writing your essays:

Essay homework is planning, most of the time students do not like planning the essay because they do not want to waste their time. Rather, planning essays always save a lot of time because while writing the final draft you would not have to think for hours and hours. Planning an essay will not only help you end up with a perfect piece of paper but also help you arrange the material of an essay in an organized form whether you are writing 500 words essay or 200 words essay.

What should be the length of the essay?

There are no strict requirements about the length of the essay; rather it solely depends upon the nature of the topic. Sometimes, students are required to write 300 and sometimes 200, however, most of the colleges expect the students to write essay up to 500 words. A word of advice here to not to just imagine and expect that you should write 500 words essay, it is better that you first go and ask your supervisor about the guideline. Also, you can examples of free full essay online to get an idea about the pages that you should cover to complete your essay.

How many pages should a 500-word essay have?

Normally, students don't get an idea about how many pages five hundred words an essay should have. Rule of thumb is that when you are writing a 500-word essay, the writers use times new roman with double space while having the font size of 12. So, approximately you would cover one and a half pages. On the other hand, if you are consuming a single space then your essay would be on one page.

What will be the result of writing above 500 words limit essay?

If you are assigned to write at least 500-word essay and if in case you have exceeded the limit then do not worry it would not go against you but it always depends on your supervisor. Ask him or her, if you can exceed the limit, some teacher provides a 25% margin then you can write up to 525 words but don't forget to ask your teacher about it.

In a nutshell, a super font type for writing a 500 phrase essay can be occasion new roman of 12 Dimension while utilizing double line spacing occupying at the very least one and a half pages. The closing phrase of recommendation is to strictly adhere to the rules offered by your instructor and if in case you are not provided the outline then you should consult your teacher for the assistance.

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