6 Mistakes You Must Avoid In Your Email Marketing Campaign

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While there are plenty of ways to promote your product or website, still Email marketing is very effective and the ROI is quite better. You can also generate traffic by blogging, SEO, and maximum optimizing your website alongside an email marketing software and strategies to reach potential customers and users. While email marketing is really effective, there are some mistakes that many people do and eventually get nothing out of their marketing. We have listed some of them, so you must be aware of them and prepare a better marketing campaign.

Subscriber Don’t Know You:-

Sometimes people subscribe to your products, newsletters, offers, or services. However, they don’t remember you next time you send a mail to them. One of the reasons is that, after the initial welcome email, you have not sent any mail to the user for several months. Another reason is that the subscriber didn’t recognize the email id.

Too Much Email:-

People often receive too much E-marketing mail in the email box that is related to sales and discounts. If you keep sending mail to the subscriber every other day then they get frustrated by it. Sooner they will begin to see your mail as a menace and will unsubscribe you or mark mail as spam. According to a survey, recently conducted 53% of the subscriber receive too many emails from the retailers, only 44% of user get the right amount of mail.

While working with your email marketing software, you must ensure to set an appropriate interval between your emails. That is good and ensures that users are not getting bothered with your emails.

Sending Irrelevant Emails:

Your email is competing with the mail of the customer’s friends, professional, and other E-marketing mail from other companies. If you send a mail that looks too messy or unprofessional then the user will unsubscribe it. Using caps in the subject line or do over punctate then it will only land you in the spam folder. If the body of the email is irrelevant or too confusing then also, the customer will unsubscribe you.

Emails are not so much Mobile friendly:

Somewhat, Emails on the laptop look different from that they look on the tablet or on a mobile phone. Everything on your mobile looks tiny whether it is a website, images, video, or email. If you are designing E-mail marketing mail only for computer screens, then your message will be missed out by the phone users. The links might not work properly, images won’t display, and text is too small and unreadable. if the user can’t read your mail then, they will unsubscribe you.

Trying too hard to sell:-

The reader will unsubscribe your email if you are always trying to sell one product or other to them. The subscriber is more interested in free offers, useful tips, e-book or templates downloads, personal stories or registering for an event. However, if you keep on sending the promotional emails of your product and services then they get frustrated and unsubscribe you.

E-Mails don’t have a personal touch:-

A study reveals that email that doesn’t have a personal touch are more likely to unsubscribe. It’s easy to send bulk mail to your subscriber by referring them as Dear Sir/Madam, but the reader will not feel it as a personal mail, and as a result, they will unsubscribe it. Another reason is that you are not focusing on the gender, you are sending the women product to a mail subscriber and vice versa. The reader will remove your subscription if they are not getting an exclusive offer.

Email marketing is all about connecting to the subscriber! So keep in touch with them send a mail or two in a week. Don’t send too much that they get frustrated and unsubscribe you. Try to reach out to people – value their time, opinion, and suggestion so that they will not mark your mail as spam or unregister you.

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