How to patent a product or brand?

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If you are the author of an invention and you want to be the sole owner of it, with the rights that this entails, then you are interested in this article to know how to patent a product or brand and know what it consists of. Throughout this article, we'll discuss what is patent and how you can fill your application to patent your idea or product.

What is a patent?

The State is in charge of granting exclusive rights to the inventor of a new product, brand, or technology on which commercial use can be made. These rights are known as patent or industrial property title, giving the inventor the ability to act on third parties if they misuse the invention such as copying or falsifying.

How to make a patent?

It is a legal procedure that must be processed at the country's Patent and Trademark Office according to the deadlines established by it, which are usually very strict and immovable.

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To carry out these procedures, you must first ask yourself some questions that will allow us to assess whether an invention is patentable:

  • Completely new and without having been previously disclosed.
  • To be physically possible to manufacture.
  • An expert in the corresponding technology is distinguished by his inventive activity.

How to patent a product or brand?

A brand cannot be patented because it is physically not possible to manufacture. In this case, an intellectual property registration is made on the database of Trademarks and Trade Names.

To register a patent for a product, it is recommended to go to an expert patent attorney who can advise you on the most appropriate way for this process. It is a complex procedure, which requires well-argued documentation (applications, reports, plans...) and that you can consult online for free on the official website.

After submitting this information, you will have to take an exam known as the priority date where the proposal is formally exposed. Later, the response will come from the Patent and Trademark Office where they will explain that other inventions are similar to the one presented and with which there may be a conflict of claims.

After 18 months of all this process, the invention will be published in the database, for later if it is decided to continue with the patent, a more in-depth examination of the application in question will be carried out. The decision will be published in the available Patent Bulletin.

Since the grant in the said bulletin, a period of 9 months is opened to receive oppositions and to be able to appeal them.

If you are looking for help or more information about how to process a patent, do not hesitate to contact InventHelp, you can read more facts here: They have professionals who will give a more complete and professional vision when processing and patenting your ideas, and products.

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