Advantages Of Controlling The Time Spent By Project And Employee

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When we do not control each and every one of the efforts that we dedicate to our projects, we lose data, we lose information. Everything that is not analyzed or everything that is not accounted for at work keeps us from achieving our goals, so this also translates into a loss of profits, it takes us away from success because we do not know which tasks or projects would need more attention to achieve each defined KPI.

What more arguments are missing to corroborate that time management and project management are what mark business satisfaction as work? Moving away from the objectives set implies in the same way the economic loss and the loss of human talent. In addition, managing the time dedicated to a project helps us to have a clear vision of the state in which it is, the possible resources that it may need, and indirectly, it helps us to improve the productivity of each employee, opening more possibilities for them to feel more comfortable in the work environment and therefore that your work pace is not only better but of higher quality.

What will your company gain when you apply time tracking and control software?

Lowering the rate of your earnings does not seem like a good enough reason to start managing the time dedicated to each of your projects, counting the hours dedicated to each one, to their respective tasks, and to the time that each employee dedicates, to Next we tell you what are the 5 benefits that your company will earn and take advantages that time control systems have.

1. More information about projects and tasks

There is no doubt if we commit to dedicating efforts to those most priority tasks and we count them, we will know if we are fulfilling them and we are approaching the final goal. If we do not keep track of the projects and each of the tasks that involve them, we move away from the achievement of work objectives.

2. More information about the employee

Not only is the entry and exit record of each worker obtained, but labor costs are evaluated and job performance improves. Setting temporary goals to close and complete tasks is very productive to lead and manage the team.

3. Less absenteeism and goodbye to overtime

In accordance with Royal Decree-Law 8/2019 that regulates the Working Hours Registry, workers may not accumulate over time and it will be mandatory to manage the remuneration of all those extra hours that employees carry out. Therefore, applying time tracking software like TimeSheet Reporter (, that makes it possible to report time on organizations, projects, and activities from the MS Outlook Calendar.

It's like doing more and in the same amount of time. This employee time tracking software in Outlook can be implemented within your working environment without any need for any other application.

4. More information for HR

Everything discussed in previous lines allows expediting with the human resources department if, for example, more employees are needed to perform the work. Likewise, it is also assessed whether or not the contractual conditions are met. In addition, with the information collected by these tools, payroll or vacations are collected.

5. Better feedback

At the economic level, at the work level, at the level of operational costs and resource management. For example, applying one of these tools, the time that administrative staff dedicated to management is better given the automation so that they can dedicate themselves to other tasks. This is possible in part due to notifications of incidents through notifications, so that feedback is constantly received from all processes: arrivals, departures, vacations, transfer errors, geolocation, global time, etc..

These are the main benefits of controlling the time dedicated to each project and employee, in which those entities that have already joined the time tracking unanimously agree. What are you waiting for to put it into practice?

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