Top Advantages Of Hiring A Freelance Designer Instead Of An Agency

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When a company considers hiring a design service (corporate identity, advertising, website, etc.) the first thing it has to decide is whether to choose a freelance designer or an agency/studio.

The decision will depend on the specific needs of the client, and if you're looking to work with the freelance web designer, this should read this article. We have discussed many advantages of hiring a freelance web designer instead of an agency in Orange County.

The main advantages of working with a freelance designer in Orange County are:

1. Fluent communication

From start to finish, the client talks directly with the chief creative officer of his project, without intermediaries. As there are no account managers, project managers, salespeople, etc. no information is lost along the way and there is no conflict of interest between departments.

Another advantage of dealing with a freelancer is that in the same call you can address various issues such as billing, delivery times, or technical aspects of the project without having to go through several departments.

2. Definite style

When we see a designer's portfolio we know what to expect from him. It's easy to check the quality and style of your work so the customer will quickly know if it fits their needs.

The portfolios of the companies show projects carried out by different professionals, this occurs because there are several designers in the agency, because the agency at a given moment needs to sub-contract or because the staff changes over time. The point is that the portfolio of a company does not have to be a real reflection of the current work they develop.

3. Proven reputation

It is something very similar to what happens with the previous point. In the case of the freelance designer Orange County, the opinions we find will really be about him and his way of working. The reputation of a company is forged based on the quality of its professionals, if they change often it is difficult to know if the references we have are reliable.

4. Greater dedication to each project

A responsible freelance designer only carries out at the same time the projects that he can really cover, so he dedicates all his time to one or a few clients. In addition, for purely monetary reasons the freelancer is interested in finishing a project within the established deadlines and getting paid as soon as possible, so he prefers to take a job and finish it than to have three or four open projects and delay the collection of all of them.

Agencies prefer to contract the more projects the better to ensure high cash flow, then organize their time and resources in the way that interests them most.

5. Lower price

It is often said that freelancers in Orang County are cheaper than agencies, the reason is that they do not have to bear expensive rents, payroll, insurance, commissions, etc. In any case, I recommend avoiding excessively cheap designers, be they freelance or business. The result can be unprofessional, sloppy, or downright disastrous.

We understand that we all look for a good price when we are going to buy a product, but if a client believes that this is the fundamental aspect to hire a designer, they will surely end up obtaining the same result as if they entrusted the work to that friend or relative that we all have, "He who knows about these things."

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