5 tips for informing employees about company relocations

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Business relocations are often delayed because employees do not know exactly what their role is in the preparation. While informing employees about a business relocation is one of the most important parts.


Because if this link goes wrong, the entire relocation chain is delayed. As a result, employees have to take (more) days off and your company loses turnover. Therefore, incorporate these 5 tips into the relocation plan to ensure that your staff is well prepared for the business move!


1: Do not put moving boxes on the desks


Instinctively, employees put their packed moving boxes on the desk. But for the movers that do internationaal verhuisbedrijf in Den Haag, that's incredibly annoying. After all, the desks are moved first. The boxes come later. It costs the movers a lot of time and strength if they first have to carefully remove a moving box from each desk. Moreover, boxes can cause scratches when they are removed from the desk.


2: Mark things with stickers


Everything that needs to be moved must have a sticker. This contains crucial information for the movers. With the help of the sticker and the off-plan, they know exactly where the object has to go. Not only which floor, but in which room and even which workplace. In addition, it is important that the sticker is stuck on the side of the moving box and not on the top. Because when stacking boxes, the stickers will then no longer be visible. Discuss this in detail with your employees.


3: A clear and simple coding system


If you are going to inform employees of a company relocation, the coding system cannot be missing. If you are going to work with this yourself, don't make this system too complicated. Relocation companies can also help you with this.


One of the common mistakes with coding systems is that the wrong sticker is used. In that case, the information is entered on a sticker that is not intended for that purpose at all, which leads to confusion for others. And when something is improved, that too often goes wrong. An employee sees that something is not right and improves it, but actually he or she should have just put a new sticker with the correct information on it.


4: Division of tasks and contacts


During a business relocation all kinds of external parties are hired. It is therefore difficult for your employees to ask a question to the right person of the right company. After all, with questions about the coding system, they don't have to be with the upholsterer. A list of contacts of all parties should therefore be part of the script.


5: A clear planning


Finally, the script must contain a planning. As a result, employees know exactly where they shouldn't be at certain times. And when everything has to be ready. Good preparation is essential for company relocations. Better too early than too late, we can't say it often enough!


Informing your staff about a company relocation in all kinds of ways


But informing your staff in the event of a business relocation in this way, by distributing the script (or a concise version of it), is often not enough. In practice, it often turns out to go wrong, simply because the instructions are not read properly. Therefore, make sure they are not too long. Keep it short and concise and limit the content to what is necessary for your employees.


What often works well is giving presentations to smaller groups of employees while you hand out the script to them. This allows you to convey the information verbally and in writing at the same time, making it easier to remember. In addition, it allows you to emphasize how important it is that they do everything properly.


The ICT department


Finally, you should pay special attention to the ICT department. After all, connecting and disconnecting ICT costs extra manpower and there is actually no room for errors here. Surely you shouldn't think about losing part of your data due to complications during the business relocation. Many relocations are therefore delayed because there are problems with the relocation of this crucial department. And if the ICT cannot function properly at the new location, the entire company often suffers. Delay during a relocation is a true domino effect.


Business relocation and employee rights


In case of a business relocation, you should also take the rights of your employees into account. For example, you can include part of the (increased) travel time under working hours or contribute to the removal costs. You can contact a lawyer for these kinds of issues, but one thing is certain: it is not always pleasant for employees if their employer decides to move. Therefore, make sure that the move itself goes smoothly, which may make the transition a little easier.


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