How to Play Mobile Games on PC for Free

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Before the mobile games came, people used to play games on their computers. With a big screen size, it’s true that you can get a more engaging experience when you play on your PC. With all these advantages it seems that there are a lot of enjoyment when it comes to playing games on your PC. However, in the recent past, game developers have created and enhanced mobile games, meaning you have a great selection of games that you can play on your phone. The unfortunate thing is that these games cannot be played on PC.

But how can you play mobile games on a PC? And why would you want to do that? Well, we all know that there are a variety of excellent games at the Google play store including Fallout Shelter and The Clash of Clans that you can enjoy. More so, some gamers may prefer a bigger screen or may not want their smartphones to have so many apps. To play mobile games on your PC for free you need an emulator. This means you will getting your PC to copy your mobile device by making it act like an android device that is capable of playing the mobile games.

With a good emulator, once you have downloaded the program you will be presented with a simulated Android environment that you will use in the same manner as you would do on your phone. Instead of using finger taps you will be using mouse clicks. Here are the top 5 emulators that you can use

1. Bluestacks

Because of the different features that it has, this is one of the best emulators. With it's multitasking support, bluestack TV, and location services, you can use it to download the apps from Google playstore and install them thereby providing you with the best android experience. For an ad-free version, you will buy it at only $2. Otherwise, it’s free.

2. Nox App Player

This emulator is not only a popular choice for lovers of Pokemon but also simulates your Android so that it can run on windows. Since it’s like the mobile version that you see on your phone, it’s very easy to download and execute. To navigate onscreen, you can either map your keyboard or use the button collection so that it does what you will ordinarily do by touching the screen of your phone. In fact, some players believe that the mapped keyboard can improve their performance a great deal. For graphic games, the bigger the screen the greater the experience.

3. Andy

This emulator will allow you to use your mobile device as if it’s a joystick enabling you to maintain a touch aspect of it while playing your game. The mobile OS can run on any Mac or Windows PC and is also believed to act as breaking barriers between desktop and mobile computing. As compared to other emulators, it keeps on being updated so that it can interact with the latest android features and upgrades. The users account also gets synced so as to prevent any loss in the app history. Since it’s free, it’s a great way to play mobile games on your computer.

4. AMIDuos

This emulator has been designed in such a way that it can be able to run many apps and games in several windows. It not only offers a great solution but it also comes with a free trial. If you feel that you like how it work you can purchase it at only 14 dollars and use it to play all your games. It’s very easy to install and it has two versions. In terms of compatibility, it can work well on windows 7,8,10. It provides a full Android experience and has a support for accelerometer, gyrometer, and ambient light.

5. Remix OS

This emulator was released as a solution for playing 바카라Links to an external site. games on a PC. It’s ideal for running high-end games on your big computer without any problem. It also allows users to enjoy their favorite games on the PCs. This means you can easily shift from mobile to PC and back. The amazing thing about it is that it’s free.

Well, that is how to play mobile games on PC for free. With so many emulators currently in the market, you need to take your time and choose the one that works best for you.

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