What Cairo Egypt Has to Offers!!!

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Cairo is the capital of the Cradle of Civilization and the true land of pharaohs “Egypt”. And Egypt Tours Portal is the best Egypt travel company where you can find all of what you need from the best tours and Holidays.

Both ancient & modern, Islamic & Coptic, Classic & untraditional sites in Cairo in addition to the people who live there, all of these factors are great reasons make you visit Cairo. Cairo’s people are known with their hospitality & generosity. Cairo is visited by different guests from different regions all around the world, where they find peace, calmness, and fantasy attractions including the Egyptian Museum, Salah El-Din Citadel, different Coptic & Islamic attractions, the great Giza Pyramids in addition to many other terrific breathtaking landmarks.

However, our main point here is what you can do while being in Cairo at night! How is it going to be like when you accompany your family & friends and spend a night in Cairo? The fact here is that Cairo is the home to the most unique and exceptional nightclubs, Karaoke bars, night markets, music venues, fascinating light shows, in additions to other fanciful sites that needs more than an article to be mentioned.
There is something very unique about the nightlife in Cairo maybe the biggest reason according to many tourists is the inexpensive life of Cairo especially if you are from a developed country. There are thousands of activities to be done in Cairo at night and to make it easier for you to choose among them, we arranged some of the tiptop activities.

  1.  Be awed by the Sound & Light Shows at the Giza Pyramids

The pyramids of Giza are considered the most adorable and majestic destination for the majority of tourists because of their massive limestone statues, the techniques in building them, the great Egyptian pharaohs who are connected to them, and of course the beautiful weather of Egypt. That is not all about Giza Pyramids as at night, you’ll find a totally different life while witnessing the nightlife activities including the Sound & Light shows. During that show, you will be able to see the marvelous lights in the site of the pyramids and listen to the most popular Egyptian songs and professional artists there will be able to create shows through which they present different historical eras of Egypt.

Through that show, you will know all the hidden secrets about Egypt and the construction of the terrific Giza Pyramids Complex. There you’ll hear about the history of the astonishing pyramid of Khufu, and know why it is considered one of the most important Seven Wonders of the World.

  1. Explore More With Coptic & Islamic Sightseeing
Cairo is known with its terrific Coptic and Islamic attractions that truly help tourists to know everything about different religions in Cairo, the history of each religion, and the most important historical leaders who were responsible for building such constructions. Among those spectacular landmarks, there are the outstanding Mohamed Ali mosque, which was constructed to immortalize the memory of his son Tuson. There are other mesmerizing mosques including Ibn Tulun, Al-Rifai, Al-Azhar, Amr Ibn El-As, and Sultan Hassan mosques which are known with their splendid Minarets, minbars, architecture, and history. There are also many Coptic sightseeing including the fantastic Hanging Church, and Abu Serga Church. That is not all as Cairo was chosen to be the site of Bin Ezra Synagogue.

  1. Go to Cairo Jazz Club
The best thing about the nightlife in Cairo is how you can enjoy with your dearest friends while dancing, drinking your favorite drinks and dancing to get out the best of you as Cairo is chockfull of trendy nightclubs and bars that wouldn’t be out of place in most western countries. 

  1. Do some Shopping
Visiting Cairo can’t be completed unless you do some shopping in its ancient old markets and buy gifts, antiques, perfumes, and some Egyptian spices. You can do so while paying a visit to the most visited bazaar in the world “Khan El-Khalili Bazaar”, where you will find all of what you need to do the perfect shopping in addition to the ability to rest in the most exquisite restaurants & Cafes that are known with their affordable prices and excellent services.

  1. Ride in a horse carriage
It is a very entertaining matter to tour the city of Cairo through a horse carriage, which enables you to see the terrific nightlife of Cairo and take memorable images with your friends. You can try this activity while visiting Giza pyramids to have the opportunity to tour around the whole complex in a short time.

  1. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner aboard a Nile River cruise boat
What is better that getting the chance to tour all of the mentioned attractions & landmarks while sitting with your feet up on the board of the superb Egyptian Nile Cruise, where you will find an open buffet prepared especially for you in addition to the ability to accommodate in amazing rooms with a Nile view. You can spend 3 terrific hours on the board of 5* Nile Cruise to get the maximum happiness and the highest level of joy & relaxation.

  1. Try Felucca by Night
It is so romantic to get the ability to stay away from the world and accompany your soul mate or your partner on one of the majestic Egyptian Feluccas to enjoy the internal beauty of Egypt. You can do so while being so relaxed and don’t worry about the weather as the weather at night in Cairo is outstanding and is going to make you in another world.

  1. Pay a visit to Muizz Street
The best street with an ancient design that is divided into many parts and each part contains specific tourist attractions as for example the northern part includes antiques markets section, Al-Aqmar Mosque, the Qalawun complex, and several well preserved medieval mansions and palaces. Its southern part contains the terrific Tent Market that can’t be missed.
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