6 Effective Exercise Methods to Lose Weight If You are Aged above 50

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When you are above 50-year-old, you can feel that your body begins to change. Losing weight is no longer as easy as before and you begin to feel pain in areas of your body where you did not repair before. Your mood also fluctuates. So, what can you do to reduce the consequences of something as inevitable as turning years? Eat healthy, exercise, and look for activities that stimulate the body and mind.


Why do you need exercise?

According to the National Sports Council of Spain, physical exercise is not just good for losing weight, it is necessary for other aspects of life too.

Here are some benefits of regular exercise:

  • An increase of muscle capacity, aerobic endurance, balance, joint mobility, flexibility, agility, coordination, etc.
  • It has favorable effects on metabolism, regulation of high blood pressureLinks to an external site. and prevention of obesity.
  • Decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and some types of cancer.
  • It contributes to reduce depression and anxiety. And improve mood and the ability to carry out life activities.
  • It favors the establishment of interpersonal relationships (when carried out in a group, although in these moments of quarantine, this is not possible) and social networks.

Why do I gain heavy weight as I age?

As we said, if you are aged above 50, you will verify that getting rid of those extra kilos is almost an impossible mission. Or, you have to make great sacrifices for it.


Not that age makes you fat. But it is true that when we get older it begins to be more difficult to lose weightLinks to an external site..


Resting energy expenditure decreases approximately 5% every decade and, after 50, 10%, according to experts from Medical Option. This means consuming the same calories, your body will tend to store more and, therefore, you will gain weight more easily.


On the other hand, due to hormonal decline that occurs in menopause, there is more tendency to gain weight. This is due to the imbalance that exists between fall of estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone is lost faster than estrogen, which is a hormone that tends to make fat cells that progesterone counteracts.


Finally, our mobility and endurance, when we turn years, is not the same as in our younger days. But we can fix it. That is why, here are some exercises that you can do after 50 to burn fat and feel much better.

Aerobic exercises

Walking is an excellent exercise to lose weight, as long as you know how to walk well to lose weight, and also an aerobic exercise that not only puts you in shape and activates your heart, it also regulates your hormones. Ideally, you should walk an hour in a day through different terrains and do intervals of greater intensity. If you feel like it and your physical condition is optimal, you can jump into longer strides or even jog.



They are as simple to practice as they are difficult to do well. So, to begin, we suggest that you get behind a chair and make the gesture of trying to sit down, with your legs spread across your hips, and your arms raised. It is a good way to activate the heart. Do it 10 times, rest and repeat three sets.


Arm exercises

The sagging of inside of the arms is something that worries many women and also inevitable when we are getting old if we do not do exercises to tone the arms. What can you do? A very easy exercise: run a towel or a rubber band behind your back and hold one end with your left hand at the buttocks and the other at men's height. Stretch with your right arm up and then your left arm down. Imagine, for example, that you are drying your back with the towel.

Another way to work the arms, in addition to the abdomen, is to do push-ups with a chair. Put it against the wall to prevent it from slipping. Perform between six and eight repetitions depending on your physical condition. 

Back exercises

Another exercise you should do every day is the pose of the cat and the cow, a very simple way to relax your back and avoid pain. It's as simple as getting down on all fours and mimicking the arching of the back just like a feline does. Perform the contraposition and stretch by stretching your chest.


Firm buttocks

If you are lucky enough to climb stairs at home, go up and down them. It is a perfect aerobic exercise that will also work your glutes. Another way to work them is to do this exercise, called a bridge, and you can do it on a chair. Place your feet on it and try to lift your hips. Hold several breaths and lower slowly. 

If you feel safer you can do it on the floor. To increase the intensity, try to lift one leg and then the other. Hold several breaths and repeat five times with each leg.


Irons to strengthen the abdomen

The abs are no longer in fashion. Now, to strengthen the abdomen and reduce waist, it is recommended to do other types of exercises such as irons. If you are a beginner, this is the best to do those on a chair. Moreover, if you prefer to do other types of exercises, take note of the ones that Sakuma method offers you. With them you can reduce your waist in just one month with gentle and easy exercises.

You can do the iron with forearms. Try to make your body look like a board so you don't hurt yourself.

If you stay firm and do these exercises regularly, you will notice in just one month that how you lose volume in the belly, burn fat from the whole body.

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