Sage- A Traditional Method To Purify The Air And Kill Airborne Bacteria

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Hey, do you know an effective traditional way to purify the air and kill all the germs, bacteria present in the air at your home. Well, the answer will be no for sure, don’t worry today we will be sharing you what does burning sage do and why it is the effective method to kill the bacteria in the surrounding. However, before we begin, you should know that sage burning always be performed once in a weak at home.

What sage do?

It is a question of many people what does burning sage do and what are its benefits, well sage burning is basically a method in which smoke is burned at home. That has the ability to kill all the germs, bacteria in the air and even kills the bugs from home. The sage is even said to have positive vibes for a home and even considered as the wisdom and awareness spiritually.


If we see it from the point of view of the financial aspect, most of the home spends a huge expense. In buying different air purification devices or some sprays to kill the bacteria present in the air. That can also result in the growth of some diseases into the human body because the sprays are made up of harmful chemicals. On the other hand, sage is an all-natural method, which purifies the air and gives the surrounding freshness.

  • Removes the negative ions when burned
  • Kills the airborne bacteria 
  • No harmful effects

Improves the mood

Saging is also good for those who want to relive their stress and improving the good mood; the saging brings positivity around the surrounding, which makes a person happier. Many people think that it is a modern technique obtained to kill bacteria. Well, its definitely not sage burning is practiced for a long time, and it is a traditional form of air purification


When it comes to side effects of sage smoke, the answer is zero; the smoke is all done with a natural plant that not only kills the bacteria but even removes harmful toxins in the air. Saging is a must-do process for those homes with toddlers. The reason is spraying harmful chemicals can result in various breathing disorders, which can become life-threatening in a while. The process of saging is also simple, and you don’t have to train yourself for that. Just burn the sage substance in a pot or as you want and spread the smoke in every corner of the home. 

This will clean up the air within a few minutes, and you will feel the freshness and positivity in your surrounding. Sage is also beneficial for those who want to meditate because it comes in the fragrance, which is all given by nature. That helps an individual concentrating and improves their ability to meditate for a longer period. The price of the sage bundle is also cost-effective, and one can buy it through online stores dealing in all these stuff without any hassle.

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