How To Buy Instagram Likes On Viral Me?

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Having chosen the best place to buy Instagram likes, you will require a step by step guide on how to make the purchase. There are various sellers with different steps to buy Instagram likes. Therefore if you have been inquiring about how to buy Instagram likes on viral me, then you do not need to worry anymore since we got you covered. Without following the right steps, there are high chances of making a mistake, such as choosing a wrong package, or any other mistake. In this article, we shall discuss all the essential steps for buying Instagram likes on Viral me. Those steps are;

Step 1. Visit the official seller’s site

Since there are very different peoples/companies selling Instagram likes, you need to have the best seller. There are various things that one considers when choosing the right Instagram likes seller. Some of those things include the pricing, delivery time, the quality of Instagram likes, and much more. Therefore having chosen the viral me or any other reliable seller, you need to visit the official site for the seller. For instance, you can click on Viral me to buy quality Instagram likes on their official website.

Step 2. Provide the details

In this step, you need to provide some details to enable the support team to process your request. The essential information you need to give the login username and an active email. Once you provide the correct detail, then click the icon label to proceed next. Before continuing on the next step, you need to ensure the order summary is accurate. If you choose 500 automatic Instagram likes, provide the order contains exact details. Many people ignore reviewing the order summary and end up choosing the wrong number of Instagram likes.

Step 3. Submission of your query

After confirming that everything is okay, now you can submit the query. In this step, the viral me platform will detect your Instagram account, and you will be receiving the number of Instagram likes you have bought every day for one month. If the Instagram account details provided are yours, then you can consider proceeding to submit the query. Remember, the platform uses the details you offered in step two to know your Instagram account.

In case multiple accounts contain similar details, you will have to choose your account among them and proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Choose the payment method

Since viral me offers a variety of payment options, you need to choose the one that you like. Some of the various payment methods provided include paying using credit/debit cards, PayPal, and amazon pay. The reason why viral me offer different ways of payments is to ensure the Instagram likes buyers have an easy time when buying. That is because you can choose the method that you need to use. It is, therefore, essential to ensure the Instagram likes seller that you choose offers different payment methods.

Step 5. Provide payment details

After choosing a particular method of payment, then you need to provide your payment details. There are various payment details that you will need to provide, depending on the payment method that you choose. For instance, if you choose the PayPal method, you will have to provide PayPal login details to proceed. After providing the payment details, then you need to authorize the transaction by clicking on the icon labelled “pay”.

Once you authorize the transaction, the amount charged for Instagram likes will be deducted from your account and no other extra cost. That means there will be no additional hidden costs that you will incur.

Check your Instagram account

After completing all the above-discussed steps, your Instagram likes will get delivered as soon as possible.

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