Good Random Questions to ask your teacher

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Teaching can be quite a difficult career at times, filled with mountains of workload and lots of rowdy students. Teachers can be quite serious at some point and sometimes it can be interesting to ask them some academically unrelated questions to get their reactions on stuff. You can try asking the following random questions to your teacher and see their reaction and reply, you may end up laughing, you just may never know.

Have you ever had a strong desire to hit a student?

This is a good random question to ask a teacher. It might be quite interesting to hear the teacher’s response on this question in light of how annoying and frustrating teaching can be. Everyone have intrusive thoughts, especially at their worst or lowest moments.

Have you ever had fantasies about a student?

Students can be fragile, beautiful, and cute little angels, a fact that can make a teacher really uncomfortable, especially looking at their outfits and bodies. It can be quite tempting to teachers being around students of all sorts and looks. Just like how the society infantilizes the same bodies it sexualizes, teachers can also find themselves at point where they fantasize about some students.

Is there a subject or topic you wish you could teach but couldn’t?

Teachers can also find themselves in a box where they are limited to teaching a specific subject or topic with no room to teach what they want. It’s a good question to find out if a teacher is contented with his/her work. Are they free to teach in the best way they know how?

Is being a bookworm the only way to succeed in life?

This is a mind-engaging question, which seeks to test a teacher’s thoughts on education and the way to success. What are the teacher’s insights on life in real-world situation? It might be interesting to hear how the teacher will connect reading and success in life.

What is the most disgusting thing about the modern education system?

The education system has over the years had so many flaws, some emerging while some have persisted through the years with no lack at solving them. No system is perfect and not everyone will agree with all aspects of the system, particularly in a free-thinking society. Therefore, it would be nice to hear the worst flaws of education system from a teacher; the horses mouth.

Do teachers do drugs?

Society has a high expectation for teachers. It looks at them as the intellectuals and educators with the responsibility of sharpening the future of the next generation. As such, teachers are expected to be role models and law abiding citizens. With such an image of teachers, one may wonder if at all teachers also take hard drugs.

Whats the most difficult part of being a teacher?

In as much as teaching can be a very interesting career or job, it also entails some difficulties and challenges. To just the sheer volume of work they engage in on a daily basis is in itself the most difficult, while having to put up with rowdy little brats is another thing all together. Just like any other job has challenges, it would also be quite interesting to hear the challenges of being a teacher and who else to answer this question other than the teachers themselves.


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