IELTS Preparation Courses - Are They Really Necessary?

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IELTS preparation courses are getting popular in recent times as they help candidates ace the exam with ease. IELTS is a mandatory exam that one needs to take to secure admission to colleges/universities in English speaking nations. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada require the IELTS score as a benchmark to offer admission or immigration permission.

There are two types of IELTS test viz. Academic Test and General Training Test. The IELTS Academic test is for those who are applying for colleges/universities. However, the general training test is for candidates with immigration purposes. Previous data suggest that enrolling with IELTS Singapore courses helps candidates to get a good band as compared to those who don't.

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System, and the British Council controls and administers its operations. It is a time-bound test that consists of four different sections viz. Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. IELTS experts suggest that the preparation courses are very beneficial for those applying for academic tests.

Today, we are going to discuss whether taking the IELTS preparation courses are any good for you or just a hype. So, let’s get started.

Reasons to choose IELTS preparation course over self-preparation

Are you planning to take the IELTS test? I'm pretty sure you might have come across different ads on the internet about the preparatory classes. And, now you are wondering shall I enroll in it or go with the self-preparation. Don't worry, here're the reasons why you should go with the IELTS preparation courses.

  • Trial Classes: Enrolling with the IELTS preparation courses is the better option as they provide you the demo/training classes. It allows you to get comfortable with the teaching pattern of the preparation classes.

    Not only that, but there also are some preparatory institutes that offer a payback guarantee if you don't score the desired band in the IELTS exam. So, having faith in the preparation classes offering various courses are necessary than struggling with the self-preparation method.


  • Study Materials: Study materials offered by the top preparation courses acts as a tonic to boost up your preparation journey. As you know, the internet is home to millions of study materials. However, preparing with the handpicked materials are essential to do well in the IELTS exam.

    It is a fact that study materials offered by top institutes are the result of years of expertise. Apart from that, these study materials help you do well with the self-preparation if done under the guidance of the IELTS experts.


  •  Solving doubts: Doubt solving is one of the vital areas while you prepare for the IELTS. It makes a big difference in IELTS preparation. That is why the IELTS preparation course offered by institutes ensures that students' concepts are clear as a crystal. They assure that no students should doubt in their minds.

    You may not realize this, but doubts can be the silent killer. Suppose you are trying to solve a question, and your concepts are not yet clear; will you be able to solve it?  Thus, joining an IELTS preparatory course will help you clarify your doubts related to a topic or question.

  • Experienced Mentors/Teachers: It is a fact that students who prepare under the guidance of a mentor or teacher do well in any of the exams. It doesn't mean you can't score well with self-preparation. Always remember that you'll always have a competitive advantage with those who prepare themselves.

Teachers from different preparatory institutes offer valuable tips and strategies that you might lack while preparing yourself. Records also suggest that candidates who take IELTS prep courses score higher bands than those who don't.

Summing up, we can say that yes, IELTS preparation courses help a lot, and you can enroll yourself too. But, this doesn't mean you can't do good with self-preparation. With a bunch of strategies and tips, you can always do better on the IELTS. All you need is dedication and focus.



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