How To Write a Review on Google Reviews?

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There are many websites that help you in finding the best reviews. Google Reviews and Revexpo.Com are the best sites that offer product reviews.

Google Reviews:

Google reviews are an efficient way of providing valuable and relevant information about your brand to potential customers. Google business reviews appear next to your business listing in the maps. Google reviews are reliable, trustworthy, and fair.

Where Can You Read the Google Reviews?

The reviews appear near the results of places produced in search result pages. If you want to read your review, you can go to the Google maps and click on the “menu”. In the menu, you may click on the “contributions”. You must choose the “Reviews” section for seeing the places you have reviewed. This is how you can view your reviews on the Google map. But how would you add the review in the first place?

How To Write a Review on Google Reviews?

There are many customers who have found it difficult to write a review on Google reviews. For writing a review on Google reviews, you have to go to a specific page and write a review. Following we have put up the guideline that imparts you to write the Google Review:

1. Opening Google Maps

You can use your tablet or android phones for opening Google maps.

2. Find a Place

After opening the Google maps, you must go to the search bar and write the name of the place. You can navigate through the map by writing the name of the place properly. The Google map will take you to the place. If the right place has not been produced, you can alternatively drag the map and go to the right place.  

3.  Place’s Name or Address

At the bottom of the page, the place’s name or address is written. You may tap on the place’s address or place for adding a review.

4.  5 Empty Stars

On the Google reviews, you must scroll down until you see the five empty starts. There, you can rate the place. Afterward, the writing of the review option is also shown. You can write a complete and detailed review of the place.

5. Share

It is important to tap or click on the “Share” button for sharing your review with the public at large.

This is how; reviews can be added to the commercial or non-commercial places you visit in the Google reviews. Google reviews are not controlled by the brands. So, you can add anything that you like.  

RevExpo.Com: Finding Reviews on the Revexpo.Com

Revexpo.Com is a website that offers its services for product reviews. You can find the reviews of the products on the Revexpo.Com. The reviews on the website are authentic and trustworthy. Google Reviews may not help retrieve the best information regarding the product – as personal opinions can be biased and confusing. Revexpo website publishes professional and excellent-quality product reviews.

Revexpo systematically conducts reviews of the products to let you know about the performance of the product. It saves you money and time. This website provides efficient services to the users who are on a march for finding truth regarding the brands.

How Find Reviews On Revexpo.Com?

The main question is how reviews are to be found on There are hundreds of product reviews posted on the website, which can render a finding of a single review difficult. But do not worry! You can find reviews on the Revexpo.Com through advanced search features.

Here is how you find a review on the Revexpo.Com:

1. Filter by Keyword

This is an advanced search option, given to the users on Revexpo.Com. This produces effective results on the pages, landing you to the product you were searching for.

2. Filter by the Category

 On the Revexpo.Com, you can also filter your product by category. There are various categories such as governmental schemes, product reviews, service reviews, tech reviews, etc.

3. Search by the Sort Reviews Filter

You can also sort the review results through this option. There are various sort review options such as author ratings (highest first), author ratings (lowest first), user ratings (highest first), and user ratings (lowest first). There are also many other options in the sort reviews filter including these.


The main difference between Google Reviews and Revexpo.Com is that Revexpo.Com is professionally written and researched reviews while Google Reviews can be added by any person. Revexpo.Com offers high-quality and best product reviews.


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