Top-10 Books Worth Your Reading and Writing an Essay On

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Writing an essay on a given topic is a common thing during your journey through college. However, some books are not worth your precious and limited time. So, which ones are worth spending time reading and writing essays on? 

Don’t worry about the best books to write an essay on because our experts at Study Help compiled a tantalizing list of books that fit that bill. They are not just worth writing to improve your grades, no. Instead, they can also develop you mentally and morally. So, remain with this list. 

Letters to a Law Student by Nicholas J. McBride

It’s not a must to study law to read and write an essay on this book. This masterpiece, a law student wrote, is an excellent pick that teaches perfect organizational skills. These skills facilitate independent thinking, which is an essential ingredient for writing great essays. Writing on this book also exposes students to using independent thinking for self-motivation. 

Moreover, its language and ideas presented are ideal for young scholars. For instance, it lacks the traditional lecture-like tones young scholars hate. Moreover, its language is free from the fancied “big word” syndrome that doesn’t resonate well with a modern student.

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

This masterpiece is an excellent pick every student should invest their time in and write an essay on. It centers on a desolate island in an infinite ocean. There, boys without adult supervision prove themselves and show how divided the society is. It oozes with thoughts of revolution, bloodshed, and death. However, the positive side of the book reveals why embracing good leadership is critical.

Reading and writing about this book also exposes students to the virtues of having bright minds and embracing critical thinking. Moreover, any time spent on it sharpens them to embrace the mutual compromise in the spirit of being human and considerate of other people’s wellbeing. Overall, it reveals that the greatest ideas behind all exploits are usually the simple ones people ignore.

Natalie Goldberg’s Writing down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within

This book is another classical that inspires students to read and write beyond mere grades. Its language and themes show students how to break away from stale writing routines and plunge themselves into a new view of the world around them. So, don’t shortchange yourself by going through college without reading or writing about it.

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Life is beautiful with the right people around someone because God designed all humans to interdepend on each other. Thus, fellow humans in a time of need are one’s best friend indeed – this is the main idea the author is trying to put across. She reminds people honestly and genuinely that it’s fine to open up and ask for help from those family and friends. It embodies the virtues of helping others, even strangers. Thus, reading and internalizing its ideals is a great way to enrich one’s “virtuebank” as a morally responsible person.


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

This list is incomplete without featuring this classic. It’s an excellent book for teaching young people to assess their capabilities carefully and understand that the past will never return to them. It assists them to embrace the future and prepare for it. According to it, optimizing one’s college studies is one way of preparing for the future while letting go of the past.


How to Become a Straight-A Student by Cal Newport

Although this coverage indicated that reading these books should help one “go beyond” grades, it didn’t say students should forgo them. Therefore, this book helps students find the balance and benefit from the first five books listed above. It’s a worthy book investing your time reading and writing an essay about before exiting college. This edition assists college students in formulating clear study strategies and organizing their appointments. 

It’s also beneficial because it empowers scholars to deal with procrastination. Briefly, it enables students to live organized college lives that allow them to enjoy a balance in other areas. For instance, following its strategies lets one get enough time to follow their hobbies, socialize, and get enough time to rest or sleep.

The Bible

The Bible is full of real-life historical facts and stories spanning every area of life. Thus, it’s interesting to read and write an essay about it. It offers perfect and valuable lessons on Judas’s betrayal and faithfulness from Joseph’s life in Egypt. It also teaches the folly of brotherly rivalry and the power of forgiveness from Joseph and his brothers’ encounter.

Overall, it’s a powerful mix of wisdom, courage, and success in life. So, don’t shortchange your writing experience by skipping it.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Poverty is not a virtue, and riches are not a vice. Instead, the two depend on an individual’s moral and spiritual configuration. Therefore, it’s not wrong to learn how to transition into wealth from an early age. This book is a story that vividly illustrates practical strategies for attaining financial literacy and freedom from childhood. Thus, it’s a must-read for any student who doesn’t want to confine themselves to traditional “employment” mindsets.

The Go-Getter by Peter B. Kyne

It’s an excellent choice for those pursuing their goals without taking shortcuts. It teaches how to be a real go-getter using ageless virtues of honesty, determination, and passion. Therefore, it’s worth reading and writing an essay about it because its “software” can empower people to overcome hurdles and succeed in their careers.

The Animal Farm by George Orwell

This 19th-century political satire stands as one of the best books worth one’s reading and writing time. The classic centers on misguided and selfish political idealism. The author inspires readers to use their imaginative powers to speak against social ills through satire.

The list ends here, but your journey to new writing explorations begins there. 

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