Top 6 Best & Highest Converting Shopify Themes

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Almost 95% of people close their Shopify stores in the first three months of their eCommerce journey. And the most common reason for this is the lack of sales or profit.

Ecommerce is a tricky business, if you do it without understanding then it may lead to a huge loss. As you have seen some of the eCommerce gurus showing their revenue screenshots do not share the real pain of doing the eCommerce business because at the end of the day they have to sell something to you.

There is no doubt, that you can make an enormous amount of money in the eCommerce business, but there are some things in which you have to invest your money right in the starting of your Shopify store.

I have seen a lot of beginners start their eCommerce stores with the FREE Shopify themes and they don’t even think of customizing their product pages which leads to low conversion rates and in the end they have to close their stores in fear of losing money.

So in this post, I am sharing some of the best converting Shopify themes that you should start using from day one of your eCommerce business.

1) Shoptimized Theme: Shoptimzed Shopify theme is developed by the eCommerce experts who have been doing dropshipping and crushing in the e-commerce industry for many years. This sales-boosting Shopify theme solves all the problems of new dropshippers by giving them an instant boost in their revenue because of its fast loading speed and with more than 30 conversion-boosting features.

This theme comes with premium inbuilt features like sales pop, countdown timer, Geo-IP recognition, currency switcher, email popup, mega menu, upsell popup, shipping bar, cross-sell popup, shipping bar, free + shipping (tripwire) offer, volume purchase, exit popup and many more.

You can find the detailed Shoptimized Shopify theme review here.

2) Debutify Theme: Debutify is also one of the best Shopify themes for conversion. The good thing about the Debutify theme is that it’s FREE to download.

Now you may be thinking that if it’s a free Shopify theme then why I have included it here in the list of paid Shopify themes. So let me tell you that it’s a free premium Shopify theme, which means that you can download this Shopify theme for free but for using the full functionality and features of this theme you have to buy the paid subscription.

And believe me, their paid subscription is worth the price you pay because it helps in making a good amount of revenue and profit.

Debutify Shopify theme helps you in saving a lot of money by providing great features using their theme add-ons in their theme customizer dashboard and you can cut down a lot of expenses of the standalone Shopify apps. You can check the Debutify Shopify theme review here.

3) Booster Theme: Booster is also one of the highest converting Shopify themes and popular among the dropshippers. As its name suggests it helps you in boosting the conversion of your Shopify store by saving you more than $3000 of yearly app fees.

Booster Shopify theme is also a little similar to Shoptimized theme. But to find out which is best for my store I have used both on the Shopify store for 7 days each. And I found good results using the Shotimized theme and this is the reason you can find the Shoptimized theme on the top of the list in this post.

4) Kalles - Clean, Versatile, Responsive Shopify Theme: Kalles is also a proven profitable fastest Shopify theme that you can install on your Shopify dropshipping store or a brand store to create a seamless shopping experience for your store visitors.

Kalles theme is the best affordable option for all the eCommerce merchants who are on a tight budget. The unique feature of this Shopify theme is that it supports video thumbnails and 3D images.

You can get this theme from the ThemeForest marketplace. With the minimalist feel, this Shopify theme provides all the features that you need to make your store generate a good amount of sales.

5) Handy - Handmade Shop Shopify Theme: Handy Shopify theme is the perfect fit for those who want to start their apparel, shoes, jewelry, or a handicraft online store. It comes with 20+ predesigned shop templates in a single theme package. All the features that expensive Shopify apps provide you for monthly subscriptions are included in the theme for FREE.

This perfectly mobile-optimized Shopify theme is available on the Themeforest marketplace at an affordable price.

6) Outstock - Clean, Minimal, Drag & Drop: Outstock Shopify theme can be a good choice for you if you are starting a niche Shopify store. It comes with 15+ different types of homepage templates which makes it suitable for big niche oriented sites with different categories of products.

With multi-color layout options, Google fonts, and awesome icon fonts compatibility, this Shopify theme makes it possible to customize it in any way possible. This ThemeForest theme is also worth it because of it’s highly customizable theme features with a clean drag and drop design and 24x7 support.

There are not many people who are talking about the ThemeForest Shopify themes, but all these Shopify themes that I have listed above are the fastest and high converting Shopify themes that you can start using today to generate more and more sales from your e-commerce business.

All these Shopify themes are tested on dropshipping stores also, so if you are starting the dropshipping business then choose any theme from the list above based on your budget and you will be able to make the best out of it.

I hope this post about the top 5 best converting Shopify themes has helped you in selecting the best Shopify theme for your Shopify store to increase Shopify sales.

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