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How To Calculate UK 49s Winning Numbers

Is there a foolproof method to calculate the UK 49s winning numbers? Here are some tips for you to use when you want to calculate your UK 49s winning numbers or any other winning lottery numbers:

  • Spread your numbers. Studies done across over 1,000 different lottery draws, including UK 49s draws, have determined that over 80% of the jackpot and other high tier lotto wins are made up of an equal spread between high and low numbers.
  • Don’t play UK 49s ‘patterns’. A very common strategy among UK 49s players is to use patterns. Players use patterns such as ‘M’ or ‘X’ on the card when choosing UK 49s numbers, and because this is such a common strategy it means that if you win you will have to split the prize with everyone else that used the same method.
  • Play consistently. It might seem like stating the obvious but plenty of lottery players have seen their lucky numbers being drawn only to have forgotten to buy a ticket that week! Playing UK 49s online or any other lottery online allows you to purchase your tickets in advance to make sure you never miss a draw!


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